Going Vegan

Living a vegan lifestyle means trying to minimize the amount of suffering you actively contribute to. The best way to do this is by avoiding or minimizing your contribution to industries that profit off of animal exploitation and abuse. There are a variety of different ideas on how to do this, but it is generally agreed that a vegan lifestyle entails not purchasing animal-derived products or products that were tested on animals; not attending rodeos, zoos, and other forms of entertainment that harm animals; and only adopting companion animals from reputable shelters, not pet stores. (There are plenty of animal-friendly alternatives to all of these. Please see our vegan shopping guide — coming soon.) Additionally, and probably most importantly, someone committed to veganism and animal rights should encourage others to do the same. Alone we can’t change anything.

Adopting a vegan diet (that is, a plant-based diet) and lifestyle is one of the best ways to help animals in your every day life. If you are interested in transitioning to a more ethical lifestyle we recommend that you come to one of our monthly potlucks; there you will meet many people who can give you tips and recommendations.

In the meantime, or if you are unable to attend, you can check out these resources:



Daily Recommendations


Guide to Cruelty-Free Eating


Coming soon!